#InConIndy breakdown: the longer version


CJJ_tcPWgAAwwaK.jpg-largeThis is likely– nay, guaranteed– to be long and rambly because i’m gonna try and stuff everything into one post, rather than spreading them out forever.  I may do a separate post for shout-outs and links because some folk really do deserve some recognition and I haven’t unpacked my business cards, but I’m gonna try to make that it.

I have just started four different sentences with the words “Let’s start with” and then deleted them.


Let’s start with the picture, actually.  The dude in the Hulk costume is deceptively huge– notice where his feet are.  His center of balance is well behind mine and he’s leaning forward and he’s still taller than me.  I have no idea what this guy actually looks like, and this is the least impressive of the four or five costumes he made appearances in during the con, but I could not pass up…

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